Practice Tests for Your Permit

Practice California Permit Tests
Practice California Learner Permit Tests

Practice CA DMV Permit Tests's driver education course has several goals when it comes to your teen's quest to earn a license. One of those goals is to make sure they become a safe, knowledgeable, and courteous driver. Another is to prepare them for success when they go to the DMV on test day. In addition to the insights offered by our DMV approved online driver ed course, your son or daughter can utilize our DMV practice quiz generator. They can take practice test after practice test until they feel fully prepared to go to the DMV for the real deal.

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Written DMV Tests | Practice The Importance of Taking Practice Written Permit Tests 

  • Learn rules and regulations about going to take your test at the DMV (cell phone use, fees, etc.)

  • Our sample practice test section also has information on helpful tips to keep in mind on test day

  • Studies show students completing practice tests before the actual test score higher than students ho did not take practice DMV tests

  • Sample test questions are multiple choice, just like the permit test at the DMV

    Reading the DMV Drivers Hand-book 

    Driver handbooks contain further visual aids to help make sense of test questions that may appear on your test.

  • Your CA DMV Handbook has suggestions on how you can become a better defensive driver.

  • While practice tests are an important aid to passing the test, your DMV handbook is the single most important source of Permit Test information.

  • Not only should you have a copy of the DMV handbook, you should probably read it more than once to fully absorb the information.

  • Your CA Driver Handbook has detailed explanations to permit test question answers .

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