California Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons CA
California Driving Lessons

CA Driving Lessons CA At, we have partnered up with Drivers Ed Direct, a Department of Motor Vehicles licensed driving-school for the entire state of CA. Now we proudly offer you all you need to become a skilled and licensed driver. We have a DMV approved on-line drivers education class that satisfies California requirements for obtaining your learners permit as well as DMV licensed driver training lessons that meet all California licensing requirements. Combine that with our safely equipped hybrid training vehicles, knowledgeable instructors, and on-line DMV resources and you have the best full-service Driver Training School in all of the Golden State.

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Driving School CA Advantages of Our Driving School 

  • Basic Driving Package includes an "introduction to the Freeway" which entails merging onto the freeway, driving on the freeway, discussing freeway basics, and exiting freeway

  • Get residential driving lessons: includes basic driving techniques like braking, acceleration, performing turns, curbside parking, and pulling into driveways

  • Get lessons designed for busy city street driving with a focus on making lane changes, performing complex turns, maintaining safe space cushions, and obstacle avoidance

  • Take an additional Freeway Intensive Lesson: includes lane change practice, merging onto and exiting the freeway, handling freeway interchanges, and defensive driving techniques

    Why we're the #1 Driving Instruction Company In California 

    CA Driving School CA

  • Not only are our Instructors qualified, they are friendly, patient, and have had prior experience working with youths

  • Our training vehicles are equipped with dual brakes, front and side airbags, and anti-lock brakes

  • All applicable driver training packages come with DMV completion certificates with free delivery (and rush delivery available for an additional charge)

  • We offer the signature DMV Refresher course which is specifically designed to help students succeed on their DMV Road Test

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  • Three Common Questions about Driving Lessons
  • Can you prepare my teenager for their DMV drive test?
  • Are your driving instructors DMV licensed?
  • Do you offer promotional discounts for groups or multiple children?

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